Chairman's Message

Welcome to Al-Fadil Exchange and International Forwarding Company. Based on our mission, vision and values, we always seek to employ our human, technical and technical capabilities to provide financial services to you through our branch network, agents and partners at home and abroad. We have worked hard over the past years and are still working and aspiring to be a leading provider of financial services to meet your diverse needs. Today we are more experienced and more competitive and you are real partners to us as we are today. We thank you for your trust and constant support and always look forward to maintaining a constructive partnership with you.

Al - Fadel Exchange & Money Transfer

Customer First

We believe that nothing is worth the value of a permanent customer. We always strive to build sustainable relationships with our customers by seeking to provide services that suit their needs.

We believe that your trust is the basis of our continuity and development.
We work to reach a professional level in providing our services to you, with distinctive cadres and leading operations that meet your ambitions.
Commitment and transparency
We always strive to apply the standards of commitment in our financial operations, to ensure your service is optimized.
We elevate our business to global reach by using the best and latest technologies in our business.
Social Responsibility

We are part of the community and believe in the importance of its service and development, we always strive to build constructive social partnerships that contribute to the development and service of society.

Company History

Al-Fadil Exchange and International Remittances Company started its operations in 2010 and in 2015 it became a private joint stock company licensed by the Central Bank of Syria under the Financial Institutions Licensing Law. At the beginning of 2017, the company launched a strategic vision to meet the requirements of reconstruction, By 2018, the company has officially begun expanding and launching new branches within the Syrian Arab Republic and contracting agents at home and abroad to serve the needs of both its personal and commercial customers.

The goals of the company

Anti-Money Laundering: Al-Fadhel International Exchange and Money Laundering Company is committed to combating money laundering, fraud and financing of terrorism. Its policy focuses on compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank of Syria and the recommendations of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Authority. The company is well aware of its role in working with various sectors and agencies in the Syrian Arab Republic To stop money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud. Therefore, we carefully monitor all transactions. Any suspicious transaction will be dealt with through the Compliance Department of the Company in accordance with AML / CFT law.

الفاضل للصرافة والحوالات المالية

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